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CONCLUSION. As you can see after reading this kit, there are many factors that go into making the transition to adulthood as effective and successful as possible for a young adult with autism. Every individual with autism is different, so each adolescent and young adult will require different supports and services throughout
Sixty years ago autism was nothing more than an unrecognized developmental delay generally lumped in with mental retardation. Today it is recognized as an independent neurologically based disorder of significance, a major public health problem, and a topic of much research. Researchers have struggled to find a cause
This chapter summarizes the committee's conclusions about the state of the science in early intervention for children with autistic spectrum disorders and its recommendations for future intervention strategies, programs, policy, and research. The chapter is organized around seven key areas pertaining to educational
Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. It has been over 50 years since Dr. Leo Kanner, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University, wrote the first paper applying the term 'autism' to a group of children who were self-absorbed and who had severe social, communication, and behavioral problems. This paper provides a general overview
Further, the professionals reflected on what they may regularly expect parents to undertake during research projects or in clinical assessments, not realising the emotional challenge that such assessments involve. As one young adult on the autism spectrum involved in the MeASURe project commented further in an e-mail:.
The conclusion of is that part of a research paper that your readers will remember the most. This guide will explain how to finish a project on autism.
In order to understand the effects this disability has on a family it is first mandatory to understand the characteristics of an individual living with autism. This paper will introduce the history, current theoretical causes and treatments of autism. After doing research to write a concise paper addressing the above topics I realized
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Recommended Citation. Dugger, Caitlin E., "The Effects of Early Intervention on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders" (2012). Research Papers. Paper ..... Conclusion. Different research studies have shown that early intervention services on children with autism spectrum disorders show significant improvements of
Conclusion. A wealth of research spanning half a century has painted a clearer picture of the disorder first outlined by Kanner in 1943. This has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the physiology, neurology and cognitive psychology of those with Autism and allows us to see some clear implications for treatment.

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